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This advanced technology feeder was designed specifically with flexibility, durability, and ease of operation in mind.

The AutoGap Control System sets the distance between the sheets with an error of +/- 0,2mm. Traditional machines cut two times which leads to 20mm of waste with each cut.
With the AutoGap system, only one cut is needed which saves ~20mm of plastic with each sheet.

For example, if you need 2 mm of film on both sides of the sheet, the AutoGap sets the distance on the feeder at 4mm, so that the sheet is already in the correct position before it is laminated.

 The SH is a revolutionary new automatic sheet feeder with a original MABEG suction head for many uses including:
  • stand alone laminators
  • taping machines
  • offset presses
  • cold laminators
  • hot stamping
  • equipment
  • embossing
  • UV coating machines/gluers

 The two models available are capable of speeds of approx. 200 fpm and feed very accurately thanks to a PLC that has been installed along the edge of the machine. The PCL automatically regulates and controls all the remaining parameters of the process such as the format of the sheets at the correct
distance between them and the overlapping of the sheets.
The SH can feed different types of machines from the one single sheet to the over lap, it can easily be connected thanks to the special encoder, which directs both the feeding sheet process and the further correlated activities. Sheets are fed down an angled
feed table with a micro-adjustable side-lay and up to a servo driven sheet correctional device.
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