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SC30 is a revolutionary new automatic cutter to complete your laminating system. This innovative model is capable of speeds of approx. 200 fpm ( 60 mpm ) and feeds very accurately, due to a PLC that has been installed along the edge of the machine The PLC regulates and automatically controls all the remaining parameters of the process, such as the format of the sheets and the correct distance among them.

The SC 30 Auto-Cutter has a  Servo driven in-feed rollers and servo driven cross-cutters for sheet separation.
  • Differential margin, negative & flush cutting.
  • Sheeting capability.
  • Variable speed exit conveyor
  • Photocell sensitivity adjusters
  • Trim removal ejection device.
  • Heavy duty build quality - 15 mm (3/4") thick steel side plate
  • Color touch screen panel with animation.
  • High Speed output more to 10.000 sheet / hour in single cut mode

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